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TLS and ZeroMQ

It's pretty straightforward to use synchronous encryption over ZeroMQ - just a case of encrypting and decrypting at each end with some previously shared key. Asynchronous encryption is a bit more interesting, as it allows signing for message integrity and authenticity, as well as data hiding. There have been some good examples of crypto over Pub/Sub (notably Salt), but not a lot of examples of direct messaging.

The de-facto library for this sort of work is OpenSSL, but this has a couple of problems. The first is that usually openssl manages the TCP connection itself, which could be an option for some ZeroMQ cases, but doesn't fit if the user wanted to use a different transport, or an unusual topology. TLS or SSL also require a handshake at the start of the communication, which means we may have to send messages back and forth without there being any application data.

For the first part, OpenSSL includes support for usage as a filter thanks to it's BIO IO abstraction layer.…