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Google+ History Is Your Oyster

The History functionality in Google+ is an interesting answer to a pretty common question of "where's the write API?" It allows creating moments in a user's (private) history, which can then be reshared. It's currently in developer preview, for the express purpose of getting feedback on the API. 
One of the bits of feedback that has been acted on recently is support for setting the date of a moment, instead of just using the date on which the moment was submitted. This is done by setting a startDate field in the main JSON structure submitted to the API: 
"type":"", "target":{ "url":"" }, "startDate": "2012-08-09T13:15:12+02:00" }
This means that things that happened in the past can now be added to a users history, which is quite convenient some application. As I happened to be renewing my Oyster (London's RFID transport card) season t…