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Migrating Away From Userinfo

As part of the move to full OpenID connect support recently, the "userinfo" scopes and endpoint were deprecated and scheduled for shutdown in September 2014. If you are using the userinfo API endpoint to retrieve email address or profile information for a Google user, now is the time to change! Luckily, it's just a few minutes of work to move from the userinfo API to the people.get API for most people, and wont affect users at all.What should you do?Check whether you're using userinfoUpdate scopesReplace userinfo API call with a call to plus.people.getAre you using the endpoint?Look for the section in your code where you retrieve the user's profile or email address. If you make the API call directly, you may see a URL like "". The "v1" might also be "v2" as there are a couple of different versions of the api, but if it has /oauth2 then you're using the userinfo endpoint. If you're …