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Google+ Sign-In & Multiple Applications In The API Console

Applications which access Google APIs are configured in the API console as 'projects'. Each project can contain multiple client IDs, and each client ID can represent a different variant of the application: for example an Android client ID, a web client ID, and an iOS client ID. There can multiple of each, so there might be different client IDs for two different versions of an Android application within the same API console project.One common question is whether a developer should group their applications under a single API console project, or have separate projects for each. While it's pretty easy to see that FooPlayer iOS, FooPlayer Android and should all be under the same project, the question is what to do with a situation where there are actual differences other than platform, such as FooPlayer Pro and FooPlayer Free.As a rule of thumb, if the different apps provide similar core functionality, they should be one project. For example, if an application has…