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Saving App Config To Google Drive

Once you get beyond the basics of adding Google+ Sign-In, and start looking at what is available across the Google platform there are some real gems to be found. One of these is a fantastic feature of Google Drive called appdata, which allows an application to store data in a user’s Drive account without worrying about the user fiddling with it. These is handy if you’re building something like a Javascript web app and need some storage, but don’t want to setup a server. Unlike localStorage or other browser based options it doesn’t rely on the user being on the same device, so it’s easy to allow users to access their data from wherever they are.Most of the time this sort of feature seems a natural fit for mobile applications - as Drive is about manipulating files - but it’s just a straightforward to build it in to a web application. There’s a little form in the iframe below - you can sign in and save your data, and then if you sign in to another device you should have the same data ava…